As a consortium implemented by 26 institutions, URBANE is addressing this challenge of…

To assess the current status of Ghana’s coastal Ramsar sites, nearly 30 decades after their designation, in order to determine their ecological health and continued qualification under the Ramsar criteria for designated sites.

CAW is currently in partnership agreement with The Calgary Zoo Foundation (Canada) to support the Wechiau Community Hippo sanctuary (starting November 2019- December 2024).

Food security is inextricably linked with poverty. Thus, poor people are at a greater risk of food insecurity. The World Bank Organization describes poverty in this way “Poverty is hunger.

In 2020, a Concept Note for the preparation of a second volume of the FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Technical Paper “The Nansen….

The main objective of this project is to enhance the conservation of forest and estuarine ecosystems in Ghana by improving capacity for evidence based PA management and encourage the uptake of systems within and beyond Ghana.

University of St Gallen; Centre for African Wetlands, University of Ghana; Humboldt Biological Resources Research Institute.

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